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In 2012, almost 85% of Nova Scotians did not smoke (CTUMS).  A 2008 survey of NS residents living in multi-unit housing complexes, found that a majority would prefer to live in smoke-free buildings.

Recognizing the harms associated with second-hand smoke, the Nova Scotia government has gone a long way to protect the public from the known health risks of exposure to second-hand smoke in workplaces and public places. Hotels have been offering both smoking and non-smoking rooms for decades, and many are now moving to ban smoking outright. Landlords can also play an important role by offering smoke-free housing options.

Here you will find information about second-hand smoke, the demand for smoke-free housing, and it’s benefits.

Going smoke-free is not only a marketing opportunity for landlords. There are many reasons for going smoke-free:

  • Adopting a no-smoking policy is legal and easy to do.
  • Smoke-free living is becoming the norm in NS and 66% of households do not allow smoking inside their homes.1
  • Second-hand smoke causes disease and premature death in children and adults who do not smoke.
  • Non-smoking renters are no longer tolerating other people’s smoke coming into their homes and making them sick.
  • It's a marketing opportunity for landlords. Demand for smoke-free homes is on the rise, yet there is a shortage of smoke-free options. This is especially problematic for those with chronic illnesses and conditions.
  • The benefits are huge. Going smoke-free makes for healthy tenants and a healthy bottom line for landlords.

Going smoke-free is legal, good for business and there's strong market demand. Why wait? Check out our How-to Guide at the right to make it happen.

1Statistics Canada (2006) Smoking and Diabetes Care: Results from Canadian Community Health Survey Cycle 3.1 (2005) [online]


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Adapted with permission from the smokefreehousingbc.ca website produced by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC and Yukon, on behalf of the BC Healthy Living Alliance.

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